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What is Mild Cognitive Impairment?

Memory, forgetfulness and aging. What is mild cognitive impairment and how is it different from normal aging or dementia? Can it be reversed and the 30 question cognitive test. Matt Huentelman, Ph.D., explains. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is characterized by changes in cognitive performance that are uncommon or atypical for someone’s age and education level. […]


Sleep and Dementia Prevention: Improving Brain Health

How does poor sleep increase the risk for Alzheimer’s? Does lack of sleep cause Parkinson’s dementia? Discover the impact of sleep on brain health. Lack of sleep doesn’t cause Alzheimer’s disease, but it can increase your risk. Especially if you deprive yourself of sleep for long periods of time. Appropriate amounts of sleep are important […]

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease: Know the Risk Factors

We don’t know with certainty what causes Alzheimer’s disease. This is why scientists are still very interested in studying Alzheimer’s dementia. Even though we may not know what causes Alzheimer’s disease yet, there are some things we do know. Typically, a person’s risk of getting Alzheimer’s is a combination of environmental (or non-genetic) factors and genetic […]

How do Brain Cells Die in Alzheimer’s? What are Amyloids?

Discover what happens inside of the brain in Alzheimer’s disease. How do brain cells die? What are beta-amyloid plaques and tau tangles exactly? Every day we are closer to understanding how brain cells die in Alzheimer’s disease. Beta-amyloids and tau proteins form part of a healthy brain. But in Alzheimer’s disease, a series of changes take place in the […]