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Reaction Time as a Measure of Brain Health • MindCrowd Study Findings

How Fast Your Brain Reacts Could Reveal How Healthy It Is. Reaction time can help measure brain health. Why? Because reaction time depends on central nervous system processing speed. Thus, visual reaction time is a critical factor in higher cognitive functions. The healthier the brain, the faster its processing speed, memory and thinking skills. Finding […]

Cardiovascular Disease and Smoking Affect Memory Performance

Sming is associated with worsened verbal learning and memory performance in women than in men. Cardiovascular Disease and Sming Affect Memory Performance, MindCrowd study, May 2021. The largest study of cognitive abilities says cardiovascular disease and sming affect memory performance. The MindCrowd study, led by TGen and with than 70,000 participants, found that […]

Dina Parise Named her Race Car Stella After her GrandMother with Dementia

Dina Parise is an Atlanta-based professional drag racer and former professional figure skater for the Ice Capades. She named her race car Stella after her grandmother who suffered from dementia. Who better than this adrena junkie to understand how to minimize risk? This is her story. Dina Parise has an incredible career. This 54 year […]


Finding the Dementia Care they Need: One Son’s Journey

Tom’s mother had Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. He s his journey to finding the dementia care services needed for a d one with dementia. This is Tom’s story. Tom Geiser is a happily married 48 year old father of two that lives in St. Louis. When his mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, he became […]


The Power of Music in Dementia Care: Music and Brain Health

Music has the power to transcend time and space and it allows us to connect to our past. – Jing Xia As ethnomusicologist Jennie Gubner, Ph.D. explained in a talk about the power of music in dementia, anyone can benefit from thinking about the relationship between music, culture and wellness. In the context of dementia […]