What causes memory problems?
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Memory Problems: Forgetfulness, Stress or Alzheimer’s Dementia?

What causes memory problems as we age? Are we experiencing mild cognitive impairment? Or is it the early stages of Alzheimer's? As we age, we face what we perceive as memory problems. We have memory lapses, we may have a hard time remembering…
What is the link between diabetes and Alzheimer's dementia? Let's talk about these two inflammatory diseases.

Diabetes and Alzheimer’s: Is There a Connection?

What is the link between diabetes and Alzheimer's dementia and how is this connection explained? Is there a connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s dementia? Research has shown that those living with diabetes are at greater risk…
Dina Parise named her race car Stella after her grandmother with dementia.

Dina Parise Named her Race Car Stella After her GrandMother with Dementia

Dina Parise is an Atlanta-based professional drag racer and former professional figure skater for the Ice Capades. She named her race car Stella after her grandmother who suffered from dementia. Who better than this adrenaline junkie to…
Sleep and dementia prevention. Dr. Matt Huentelman, Ph.D., on the relationship between sleep and brain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Find out more about the importance of good long nighttime sleep and brain health.

Sleep and Dementia Prevention: Improving Brain Health

How does poor sleep increase the risk for Alzheimer's? Does lack of sleep cause Parkinson’s dementia? Discover the impact of sleep on brain health. Lack of sleep doesn't cause Alzheimer's disease, but it can increase your risk. Especially…
An early onset Alzheimer's caregiving story as told by Eric García "Uncle SCotchy", son of a Cuban immigrant and a Jewish mother.

A Powerful Early Onset Alzheimer’s Caregiving Story

When Eric’s mom was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, he moved back from San Diego to Miami to care for her. Eric wanted to honor the memory of his mom by sharing his early onset Alzheimer’s caregiving story with us. And we asked…
Leslie Martin highlights the importance for people of color to participate in dementia research.

Alzheimer’s Stories: Interview with Leslie Martin, Author of “Forgotten Tomorrows, Crazy Todays”

Today, we interview Leslie Martin, author of “Forgotten Tomorrows Crazy Todays”, a memoir of her life as an Alzheimer’s caregiver, wife, mother and struggling standup comedian. This is the first in a series of interviews with real…