Into the mind of Matt Huentelman. Memories matter. Let's fight against Alzheimer's.

Into the Mind of… Matt Huentelman

The TGen researcher explains why he’s using crowd- sourcing to better understand Alzheimer’s disease. In this weekly opinion section of The Arizona Republic, MindCrowd creator Dr. Matt Huentelman explains the MindCrowd project,…
One million people. One cause: MindCrowd.

MindCrowd Featured in the Phoenix Business Journal

“Before we can discover new treatments for brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, we need to understand the human genetic blueprint – DNA – that determines how the brain works in healthy individuals,” he said.…
MindCrowd featured in Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal

MindCrowd featured in Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal

The Power of the Crowd: The Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal (THURJ), a prestigious biannual publication promoting undergraduate research and advancements in the scientific community, features the MindCrowd project in its most recent…