MindCrowd, the largest study of cognitive abilities says cardiovascular disease and smoking affect memory performance. The effects of smoking are more pronounced among females.

Cardiovascular Disease and Smoking Affect Memory Performance

Smoking is associated with worsened verbal learning and memory performance more in women than in men.Cardiovascular Disease and Smoking Affect Memory Performance, MindCrowd study, May 2021. The largest study of cognitive abilities says…
Is Alzheimer's genetic? Many people get Alzheimer's disease in the absence of any family history. So, it isn't surprising to get Alzheimer's disease with no history of it in your family.

What Causes Alzheimer’s Disease: Know the Risk Factors

We don't know with certainty what causes Alzheimer’s disease. This is why scientists are still very interested in studying Alzheimer's dementia. Even though we may not know what causes Alzheimer's disease yet, there are some things we…
What is the best diet for brain health? Let's talk brain nutrition by Dr. Tomás Nuño, Ph.D.MindCrowd
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Brain Nutrition: What is the Best Diet for Brain Health?

What diet can delay your brain’s cognitive decline? And why is it so important to have proper brain nutrition? Dr. Nuño, Ph.D. shares his knowledge and some pearls of wisdom you won’t find anywhere else. There is lots of research…
Memory and the Aging Brain: Why does our memory worsen with age?

Memory and the Aging brain: Defying Dementia

What is memory? Where is it stored? How does it work? Will we experience memory loss as older adults? Dr. Carol Barnes. Ph.D. unveils the mystery and proves to us that dementia is not inevitable. One of the greatest scientific puzzles is…