Sleep and dementia prevention. Dr. Matt Huentelman, Ph.D., on the relationship between sleep and brain diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Find out more about the importance of good long nighttime sleep and brain health.

Sleep and Dementia Prevention: Improving Brain Health

How does poor sleep increase the risk for Alzheimer's? Does lack of sleep cause Parkinson’s dementia? Discover the impact of sleep on brain health. Lack of sleep doesn't cause Alzheimer's disease, but it can increase your risk. Especially…
Is social isolation affecting our memory and will this damage be reversible? 3 ways to avoid lockdown brain fog.

Lockdown Brain Fog: Social Isolation Effects on Memory

Effects of perceived social isolation on memory. Are we at increased risk of cognitive decline or dementia? How to help our brains relieve lockdown stress.
Roasted chicken with carrots, onions, oregano, thyme and potatoes. There's nothing boring about this poultry dish. The MIND diet is one of the easiest to follow and will help you eat away at cognitive decline.

Why Everyone is Obsessed With the MIND Diet

The MIND diet ranks among the top heart-healthy diets and is one of the easiest to follow. Its goal: to lower the risk of dementia and improve cognitive health. In their quest to identify the best dietary patterns for brain health, research…
How is Alzheimer's diagnosed? Is there a way to self-assess memory? Alzheimer's Myth vs fact by Dr. Matt Huentelman, Ph.D.

How is Alzheimer’s Diagnosed: Tests for Alzheimer’s Dementia

If there is no single test that can recognize Alzheimer’s, how is Alzheimer’s diagnosed? Is there a way to self-assess memory? Can the peanut butter test help diagnose it? Why is Alzheimer’s disease so difficult to diagnose? How is…
What is the best diet for brain health? Let's talk brain nutrition by Dr. Tomás Nuño, Ph.D.MindCrowd
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Brain Nutrition: What is the Best Diet for Brain Health?

What diet can delay your brain’s cognitive decline? And why is it so important to have proper brain nutrition? Dr. Nuño, Ph.D. shares his knowledge and some pearls of wisdom you won’t find anywhere else. There is lots of research…
Thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain, exercise can help us revert brain aging and keep a sharp mind.

Neuroplasticity of the Brain & Physical Exercise: Keeping a Sharp Mind

Curious as to how exercise can increase neuroplasticity of the brain? Joyce Gomes-Osman, PT, PhD shares the latest research on a sure-fire way to revert brain aging. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to develop new neural pathways…