MindCrowd featured in Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal

The Power of the Crowd: The Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal (THURJ), a prestigious biannual publication promoting undergraduate research and advancements in the scientific community, features the MindCrowd project in its most recent issue.

THURJ is the only peer-reviewed journal of undergraduate research at Harvard and allows students to gain insight in the peer review process – central to modern scientific investigation.

MindCrowd featured in Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal
MindCrowd featured in Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal

“On MindCrowd’s web interface, users are guided through a few simple tests of attention and memory, and then receive a score and can see how they compare with other people like them,” author Nicole Bassoff writes. “This helps create an inherent incentive for participants to invite their friends to take the test and compare scores; MindCrowd’s success will depend on this kind of viral sharing and social media networking… What makes MindCrowd distinct from other crowdsourcing projects is its accessibility: anyone can contribute and play a part in curing a deadly disease [Alzheimer’s]. To that end, this project has the unique potential to generate a public spirit of collaboration and collective contribution to scientific discovery.”

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Discover how it compares with others like you in 10 short minutes by playing the free online MindCrowd memory game.

And help scientists find new ways to protect our brains from memory loss as we age.

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