KTAR – “The Voice of Arizona” – Touts MindCrowd

Christina Estes of KTAR radio discusses how MindCrowd is looking for 1 million people.

1 million sought for Alzheimer’s study – KTAR.com

Researchers are looking for one million participants to take a survey as part of an Alzheimer’s study.

MindCrowd is the first research project to study millions of people by harnessing the power of the Internet. By taking a 10-minute online test, participants can help researchers gather clues into memory and other cognitive functions. It will help researchers better understand how a healthy brain works.

KTAR - "The Voice of Arizona" - Touts MindCrowd. 1 million sought for Alzheimer's study.

After testing one million people, researchers will pick a group to undergo more testing. The goal is to identify genetic markers linked to learning and memory to get closer to a cure for Alzheimer’s.

For more information, go to mindcrowd.org .

Christina Estes, Reporter


MindCrowd is the first online research project of its kind to study millions of individuals to help bring us closer to a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Help us reach the 1 million people mark.

Stay Tuned for News about Brain Aging and How you Can Use them to Avoid Cognitive Decline.

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